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Embrace our commitment to the good earth as a natural products extraction company, offering private label solutions, holistic wellness products, herbal supplement manufacturing, and contract manufacturing services for a sustainable future.


Bio-Botanica® is a family-owned and operated company, specializing in botanicals for over 50 years. We are a leading manufacturer of 500+ quality botanical extracts for personal care/cosmetic, food and beverage, flavor /fragrance, supplement and nutraceutical industries. A well-recognized industry innovator known for pioneering numerous advancements in the botanical field, we pride ourselves on long-term customer relationships developed since 1972 based upon both flexibility and versatility in manufacturing products tailored to a broad-range of applications. Our USA manufacturing enables fast turnaround for customers.

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Bio-Botanica’s® 160,000-square-foot botanical extraction facility houses its own R&D, Microbiological and QC Laboratories.

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Specialized staff

State-of-the-art facility and highly specialized staff of natural product chemists, who work together on every project, ensuring that Bio-Botanica® successfully meets customer goals and objectives.

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Waste Management

One primary source of environmental impact is waste management. Bio-Botanica® recycles almost all of its plastic, cardboard and metal waste, including pails, boxes and drums. Our used botanical materials are composted into mulch and loam. Liquids are neutralized before release into the sewage system. All chemical waste is removed by professionals.

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Energy Consumption

We have installed low energy light bulbs and motion sensors throughout our facility. We are striving to increase the efficiency of all our consuming processes.

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Raw Materials

Where ever possible, we utilize raw materials that have been collected or grown, processed and transported with a minimum environmental impact. We involve our suppliers in the environmental process so they can help us achieve our goals.

Key Personnel
Key Personnel
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Frank D’Amelio Sr.
In Memoriam 1940-2021
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Frank D’Amelio Jr.
Executive Vice President
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Mark Sysler
Senior Vice President Sales
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